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Why Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Many individuals are curious why it is imperative that you hire a bankruptcy attorney when considering filing for Chapter 7, 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Unless you are filing as a corporation, partnership or other business entity, it is not required by law. There are compelling reasons why you would need to have legal assistance when filing for bankruptcy in Florida. Filing for Bankruptcy is one of the most important decisions an individual or corporation will ever make and it is important to consult with competent bankruptcy counsel prior to making any decisions.

Taking the time to consult with competent bankruptcy counsel prior to making a decision to file bankruptcy on behalf of yourself or your corporation can save you time, money and acrimony. Thomas L. Abrams believes it is important to have an initial consultation without payment to determine if the retention of him and his firm are a proper fit for the case at hand.

A bankruptcy filing is not always the best option or it may be more appropriate to file for bankruptcy at a later date . The ill advised or ill timed bankruptcy filing can be a disaster. Only through careful consideration of your situation and relevant facts by a competent Florida Bankruptcy Attorney can you make the appropriate decision on your own behalf or that of your corporation. It is equally important that you are fully advised as to the various bankruptcy and non bankruptcy options. If you decide to file bankruptcy, the determination of the proper bankruptcy chapter is important.

To discuss your unique situation, contact Thomas L. Abrams today for an initial consultation without charge.

Why Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?: Legal Resources
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