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Welcome-Thomas Abrams Bankruptcy Law Florida

Jeffrey B. Crockett

I have known Thomas Abrams and worked closely with him on multiple legal matters over the past 25 years.  While I know Mr. Abrams’ expertise and focus is on bankruptcy matters,  I have worked closely with him in a multi-year commercial arbitration, a jury trial, and appellate matters, as well as in a bankruptcy adversary.  In each case with excellent results due to Mr. Abrams’ intelligence, diligence, and keen strategic insight.   Without exception, he has been trustworthy, reliable, with work that is excellent in quality, and in addition he is responsive and an excellent value for his clients.  He keeps his eye on the ball—getting the best result for the client—with ethical and efficient representation.  He has my highest recommendation.

Personalized Hands-On Legal Representation

Representative Clients

Thomas L. Abrams is proud of its diverse client roster. From small, to mid-size, to large-from local, to national, to international-our clients comprise a varied blend of business interests and concerns. Here is a sampling of our past and current clientele:

• 409 Hallandale, Inc.

• Batesville Caskett Corp.
• Bayshore Yacht & Tennis Condominium
• Biomet, Inc.
• California Federal Bank
• Cartan Tours Inc.
• Children of America, Inc.
• Comprehensive Medical Imaging, Inc.
• Craven Thompson & Associates
• Custom Navigation South, Inc.
• Credit Agricole Indosuez
• D&B Interiors, Inc.
• Discount Auto Parts
• First Bank of Tennessee
• Gemeni Vero LLC
• Gynecology of Aventura
• Hansen Paper Company
• Imperial Premium Finance Co.

• I World of Travel    
• Key Bank, N.A.
• Lazy Days RV

• McElveen Buick
• Meridian Square Condominium Association
• Mini Lace, Inc.

• Nationwide Insurance Company   
• Plaza Towers Condominium Association, Inc.
• Quality Eldercare of Florida, LLC
• National Lien Corporation
• Peoples Bank of East Tennessee
• Regions Bank
• Reliable Steel, Inc.

• Residential Management Concepts,        Inc.   

• Sawgrass Business Center
• SDF, Inc.
• Security Bank, N.A.

• Specialty Care  
• Statewide Credit Bureau, Inc.
• Sterling Transportation Inc.
• The Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club   

• TransCapital Bank
• Tree of Life, Inc.
• Trolley Enterprises, Inc.
• Union Planters Bank
• Numerous individuals in all aspects of Bankruptcy and commercial litigation

News-Thomas Abrams Bankruptcy Law Florida

Thomas L. Abrams in the News

Successful Cases & Client Testimonials

Clients + Cases: News & Updates

Appellate Representation


Tom has also successfully  represented Appellants and Appellees in numerous appeals in Bankruptcy  and State Court. Tom recently prevailed on appeal in regard to a jurisdictional issue which preserved the dismissal of the case adverse to his client.

I World Travel- Successful Corporate Chapter 11 Reorganization

February 25, 2019

Tom successfully represented I World Travel, an International   wholesale travel company, in a corporate Chapter 11 Reorganization in the Southern District of Florida . The   Chapter 11 Plan was confirmed  on February 25, 2019. Tom worked closely with management to maneuver through the Chapter 11 process ultimately resulting in a consensual Chapter Plan

In re Juan  Perez   – Successful Chapter 11 Reorganization

October 28, 2018

Tom successfully prevailed in a complex multi-day bankruptcy adversary trial objecting to dischargeability  brought by 8 separate claimants which allowed for a successful Chapter 11 Plan of Re-organization. The Chapter 11 Plan was successfully confirmed on October 28, 2018.

In re John Carter: Successful Chapter 11 Reorganization

December 28, 2018

Tom successfully represented John Carter in an individual Chapter 11 involving numerous classes of creditors, including numerous investment rental  properties which were saved by the reorganization. The Chapter 11 Plan was confirmed on December 28, 2018.

            Creditor Representation in Chapter 11 cases

In addition to representing debtors in bankruptcy and state court matters, Tom also has substantial experience in representing a wide variety of creditors in Chapter 11, 7 and 13 cases including landlords, mortgagees, individuals and companies owed debts and/or seeking  to obtain property . These representations include objecting to discharge and dischargeability.  Tom has served on Creditors committees in large and small Chapter 11 cases as well as serving as Committee counsel.

In re  Flying Cow Ranch HC, LLC-Case 18-12681-MAM

July 12, 2025

Tom recently successfully represented a creditor that owned a $15,000,000 property. The Debtor claimed the contract for purchase should be extended based on force majeure and other grounds. Tom was successful in briefing and obtaining orders defeating the debtors force majeure contention and other grounds. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy was ultimately dismissed with prejudice resulting in the Creditor land owner to proceed with obtaining alternative sale opportunities.

In re Eduardo  Herrera-17-01372

Need Date

Tom also recently  successfully represented a mortgage holder of a debt on a horse farm in obtaining dismissal of the Chapter 11 adversary case in favor of his client, the mortgagee. This allowed the mortgagee to pursue and obtain a foreclosure summary final  Judgment. Tom also represented the creditor mortgagee  in regard to the foreclosure.

Abrams Obtains Order in Scott Rothstein Ponzi Scheme Case Directing Return of Funds to Clients

Fort Lauderdale United States District Court—August 25th, 2010

Abrams filed a successful Petition on behalf of his clients claiming ownership of property seized by the United States in the Rothstein Ponzi Scheme case. U.S. District Court James I. Cohn held in favor of Abrams’ clients finding that they had a superior interest in the funds in the Rothstein law firm’s bank account at the time of the commission of the crimes by Rothstein.
Appeals are rarely successful in arbitration cases, so it is crucial that the arbitrators selected have the background necessary to understand and reach a fair ruling on your case.

Tom Abrams Lectures on Bankruptcy Issues

State of Florida, 2010

Tom Abrams lectured throughout the state of Florida in 2010 at five Florida Bar approved continuing legal education seminars on bankruptcy related matters. The topics included mortgage foreclosure issues in the bankruptcy context, bankruptcy trials and trial strategy, including adversary proceedings and contested matters, family law issues in bankruptcy, general bankruptcy law and the impact of the 2005 amendments to the Bankruptcy Code.

Representing Individual and Corporate Debtors in all Aspects of Bankruptcy during Times of Extreme Hardship

South Florida- 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

The deep recession this country has experienced hit deep and hard in South Florida. This recession was unique and substantially more difficult to middle and upper middle class Floridians than any time in recent history. Many of our friends, family members and acquaintances lost their jobs, businesses, homes, investment properties and depleted some or all of their assets including retirement funds, life savings and home equity lines. Thomas L. Abrams has a real understanding of what his clients have experienced and has utilized his knowledge, energy and compassion to guide his clients through these difficult times. The challenges of this severe economic downturn continue and Tom Abrams is likewise continuing his efforts to help his individual and corporate clients find the best and most cost efficient path to economic stability and ultimate recovery.

Abrams Successfully Confirmed Three Chapter 11 Cases In 2006


Abrams was successful in confirming three Chapter 11 cases in 2006; a small business case, Quality Eldercare of Florida LLC, a condominium association, Bayshore Yacht and Tennis Club Condominium Association, and an individual chapter 11. Each case required prudent decision making, perseverance and efficiency in order to successfully navigate through the minefield of Chapter 11.

Abrams Obtains Jury Verdict for Stephen Fish for Breach of Contract

West Palm Beach, September, 2003

Abrams was successful in obtaining a jury verdict for $548,016.93 on behalf of the plaintiff, Stephen Fish, in a breach of contract case. The case involved a deposit of a boat which was not returned to Mr. Fish when the boat sale was terminated. Several affirmative defenses raised by the Defendant, including fraudulent misrepresentation, were vigorously tried and rejected by the jury.

Abrams Obtains Defense Jury Verdict for Auto Parts Company in Product Liability Case

Fort Lauderdale, June, 2001

Tom Abrams successfully defended a seller of auto parts in a product liability case wherein the plaintiff was seeking significant damages due to injuries caused by an allegedly defective product sold by the company. Plaintiff was represented by the renowned Searcy, Denney & Scarola law firm out of West Palm Beach.

Creditors Committee Service

January, 2001

As counsel for a major banking institution in France, Thomas L. Abrams P.A has served on the Trade Creditors Committee in the CHS Electronics bankruptcy case currently pending in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Abrams Collects $2,600,000 Judgment

Ft. Lauderdale, June, 1996

In an action litigated before a panel of the American Arbitration Association, Thomas L. Abrams obtained a judgment for a corporate client in excess of $2,600,000, and successfully effectuated the collection of the judgment in full, including recovery of his clients attorney’s fees and costs.

Clients + Cases: Testimonials

Arlene Butler

           Tom has represented myself and our family on various matters over the past 15 years . He is very insightful and has always provided on point advice from the outset after analyzing the facts, law and intangibles related to our matters. He is an aggressive advocate, but has empathy and real concern for our circumstances . Tom understands the human toll as well as the financial toll involved in each matter. He always communicates and completes tasks efficiently.    He has always guided us to favorable resolutions which exceed our expectations . We will definitely utilize Tom’s services in the future if they are necessary.

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