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Commercial Litigation in South Florida

Thomas L. Abrams has represented corporate and individual clients in all aspects of commercial litigation over the past 30 plus  years. Thomas L. Abrams commercial litigation experience includes trials in Federal District Court, Federal Bankruptcy Court, State Court and Arbitration proceedings. The cases have included contract disputes, property disputes, partnership and contested dissolution of partnership disputes, commercial torts (Fraud, conversion, negligence), statutory claims and all aspects of bankruptcy litigation among many other types of cases.

Thomas L. Abrams takes great pride in representing his clients in a personal, efficient and cost effective manner. Commercial litigation can be difficult and expensive for clients and accordingly it is important for you or your company to retain an attorney who understands your case and stresses.

Finding a resolution which meets your needs is Tom Abrams priority, whether it is through pre-suit negotiations, mediation after the law suit is filed or at trial. Tom Abrams believes in early evaluation of your case and informing you up front as to the potential pitfalls, costs and various potential outcomes. Only through an honest evaluation of your case can you make a prudent decision on how you want to proceed.

Contact Thomas L. Abrams for an initial consultation without charge to discuss your case.

Commercial Litigation in South Florida: Legal Resources
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