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Business Dissolution in Florida

Dissolution of a business is the process by which a corporation is legally dissolved. This means its property and assets are sold, its debts paid to the extent of assets available and any remaining cash is distributed to the company's shareholders. Although that sounds simple, the process is important and can be complex depending on the circumstance.

Among the federal requirements for business dissolution are the final corporate tax return and the final employment tax returns including deposits of any monies owed. Reports that need to be filed include information about proper disposal of business property, any like-kind exchanges of property and information about changing the form of the business, if that is the case. Additionally there are the state and local requirements. A Fort Lauderdale Florida Business Dissolution Lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of this process and ensure that you do not leave any part of it incomplete that could haunt you later.

Closing a business is sometimes not without its emotional hardship. For many, a business represents a livelihood, a passion, an opportunity and a dream. Thomas L. Abrams understands this component and can give you the support and assistance you need to deal with the issues that are raised when a going concern is closed. If the dream has become a nightmare of unpaid bills and unhappy creditors, Mr. Abrams can  help negotiate terms and protect your interests as you shed this experience and move on in life.

Business dissolution in the Fort Lauderdale FL area and throughout South Florida

If you have a business concern in the Fort Lauderdale area or throughout South Florida and need to close it or if you are involved in a business dissolution as a shareholder or employee and need representation, Mr. Abrams can evaluate the situation and provide an experienced perspective on how best to proceed.

Dissolving a business does not have to be an ordeal or a never-ending experience. With the skills and knowledge of a professional Fort Lauderdale business dissolution lawyer, you can safely end one business and perhaps start another if that is your goal.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Business Dissolution Attorney if you need skilled legal assistance to dissolve a business concern. Thomas L. Abrams has significant experience in representing clients in regard to the dissolution and/or wind down of their businesses. He has represented clients throughout South Florida in helping clients make the best decision for their business and personal interests. In order to make the proper decision you must be provided with all viable alternatives. Thomas L, Abrams will ensure you are properly informed.

Business Dissolution in Florida: Legal Resources
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