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Avoiding Bankruptcy

Even though bankruptcy is a good option for people or business entities under severe financial strain, it is not always right for everyone. At Thomas L. Abrams P.A., we realize that not all people or business entities will benefit from filing bankruptcy, and we will never advise people or business entities to file for bankruptcy if it is not in their best interests. In fact, the worst type of bankruptcy filing is one which is ill advised or ill timed. Making a decision to file bankruptcy is critical to you or your business entity and only after careful consideration together with a competent bankruptcy attorney of your financial circumstances and goals can a prudent decision be made.

When you meet with us, we will take all aspects of your situation into account and will perform a thorough evaluation of your finances before advising you about your alternatives. You will always meet directly with Thomas L. Abrams as only a competent attorney can evaluate and give advice as to the appropriate course of action and specifically whether filing for bankruptcy is the best option under the circumstances.

Fortunately, even if bankruptcy is not right for your situation, there are alternatives that may help you. Bankruptcy can be good for those under severe financial strain, but it can have its disadvantages depending on your circumstances. Even if Thomas L. Abrams cannot help you with bankruptcy proceedings, he may be able to assist you work out of your debt, represent you or your company in litigation, avoid foreclosure, or get a better grasp on your overall financial situation.

To learn more about whether you can avoid bankruptcy, contact our office for an initial consultation without charge.

Avoiding Bankruptcy: Legal Resources
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